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Comprehensive Packing Solutions

A successful move starts with a proper packing strategy. Booking movers is the first step, but it’s equally important to have your items packed safely and securely to avoid any shifting, scuffing, or smashing within boxes or bins due to extra space.

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Streamline Your Packing With Frogbox

Our partners at Frogbox are here to give you peace of mind while you pack with the help of their reusable, waste-reducing packing options! Cardboard moving boxes can be a real pain, from their poor structural quality to the excess waste they contribute to the environment. Frogbox has redefined the packing process, providing durable plastic moving boxes that get delivered right to your doorstep so you can pack even your most fragile items worry-free.

Gone are the days of tracking down boxes, watching those boxes bust apart in the move and lugging a mountain of cardboard to the dumpster afterwards. With Frogbox, your possessions will be packed safely and relocated with ease.

Your Frogboxes will be sanitized, delivered to your doorstep, and picked up at your doorstep by our moving professionals, making it completely hassle-free!


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Take the Stress Out of Moving

At ALTA MOVING, we can bundle your moving service with specialized packages that include complete packing services and packing supplies for your needs. This can save you time and money on your move while also adding extra protection for your belongings.

  • Safe Transportation
  • Easy Packing & Stacking
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Hassle-Free

A Collaborative Approach to Moving and Packing

In addition to their eco-friendly moving boxes, Frogbox also rents out everything you need to pack and protect your belongings in transport. Plus, bundling Frogbox rentals with our moving services gets you unmatched cost savings! After you’ve unpacked, whether it be at your new home or office, the team at Frogbox will happily pick up their reusable moving supplies to keep your space free of clutter and waste!

ALTA MOVING also offers Junk Removal service exclusively to moving customers only. Ask your moving manager for a bundled service. Cut down on paperwork with one bill for multiple services, and you can experience our first-rate personalized customer service across the whole range of our products.

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Moving FAQ

How Long Before My Move Should I Hire Movers And Begin The Process?2021-01-28T11:54:38-06:00

ALTA MOVING accommodates moves booked and planned in advance as well as moves booked on shorter notice. It is ideal to book your move at least a week in advance so that you have the opportunity to take advantage of your 25 free Frogboxes that will be delivered sanitized and ready for your use a few days before your move. Even if you need to move on short notice, reach out to us. We are usually able to help, even for last-minute moves!

How Expensive Is It To Move In Edmonton?2021-01-28T11:57:26-06:00

The cost of moving services in Edmonton varies based on how far you’re moving and how many belongings you have. It also depends on whether you want to take advantage of bundling services, such as storage, packing services, or packing supplies. We can provide an estimate of your moving costs. If you require additional time or services on moving day, we charge in 15-minute increments to ensure that you only pay for what you need. Additionally, we don’t start charging until we show up to your home or office.

Do I Have To Pay For Travel Time?2021-01-28T11:57:13-06:00

Unlike other moving companies in Edmonton, we do not charge for travel time to your initial address or when we leave your final address. We employ a minimal flat “truck fee” to account to ensure you are not charged for unexpected circumstances, such as time spent in traffic.

We do not start billing until our truck arrives at your initial address and we stop billing right when we leave your final address. This means you only pay for the time we spend moving your belongings!

We also bill in 15-minute increments after a 2-hour minimum to continue the savings, while making sure you have all of the support you need to fully complete your move.

How Long Will It Take For My Items To Be Moved?2021-01-28T11:58:43-06:00

We do our very best to facilitate our moves quickly and efficiently. Your moving schedule is extremely important to us. Individual moving times may vary based on the total weight of your shipment, any number of special items to transport, local and/or long-distance weather conditions and other unforeseen variables. You’ll receive all the details of your move from your experienced moving manager well ahead of your move.

Is A Portable Storage Unit Included In My Move Cost?2021-01-28T12:00:14-06:00

Our weatherproof portable storage containers can be loaded and transported from point A to point B, but if your items must be stored beyond moving day, our containers are available at an additional charge per month.